NOAA CREST organizational structure has ensured effective synergistic execution and administration of the three major facets of its activities: research, education/training and recruitment. 

Dr. Reza Khanbilvardi, the Center Director provides overall intellectual leadership, monitoring project costing, and direction, and is the primary CREST spokesperson and principal liaison with NOAA. 

The Center also has one Deputy Director Dr. Fred Moshary for coordination of research among all partnering institutions. 

CREST Center also has one Assistant Director Dr. Shakila Merchant for Administration assists the Center Director in overall Program Coordination and also serves as the Education and Outreach lead for NOAA-CREST. The Assistant Director for Administration is also be responsible for communications among the partnering institutions and NOAA, coordination of CREST publications and reports.

NOAA CREST Distinguished Professor of Remote Sensing, Dr. William Rossow and CREST Distinguished Scientist Dr. Charlie Vorosmarty serves as the lead/chair of the CREST Science & Research committee and lead two of the four thematic research areas within CREST. Dr. Samir Ahmed, Herbert Kayser Professor of Electrical Engineering serves as the CREST CUNY Campus PI.

NOAA CREST Administration support staff includes an Associate Administrator, a senior financial analyst, one senior assistant Administrator and one satellite services/technology manager. The Center management is responsible for day-to-day management of the center, ensuring development of all project documentations, monitoring timely progress of implementation and scientific plans, managing effective external and internal communication with NOAA-EPP and Technical monitor, as well as all sub-awards, tracking Quality Assured/Quality Controlled data generated from the Center’s research, and ensuring all student support services.

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