CREST Publication Series

2010 Chronic Exposure to Fine Particulate Matter and Heart Failure in New York City: A Methodological Exploration of Environmental Justice and Health
2010 Performance Modeling and Validation of a Chirped Pulse Quantum Cascade Laser for Open-Path Ambient Gas Monitoring
2010 Urban Surface Models for Better Aerosol Retrieval with MODIS and LANSAT
2010 Improved Processing and Development of the Multi-Filter Rotating Shadow-Band Radiometer (MFRSR)Network
2009 CREST LIDAR Network (CLN)
2008 Use of Remote Sensing for Prediction of Vector-Borne Disease
2008 Methods of Assessing Uncertainty in Aerosol Properties as Interpreted from Lidar Measurements
2007 Estimation of Soil Moisture Using Microwave Remote Sensing Data
2007 Spectral Spectral Sensing Technique for Water Constituents
2007 Application of Satellite-Borne Microwaves in Estimation of Snowpack Properties

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