Workforce Development

Workforce Development and Early Career Pathways

CREST provides several opportunities to enhance their preparation for the workforce after graduation. CREST uses Workforce development strategies such as training programs, internships and summer bridge programs.  These programs includes:

  • SSIO/NERTO – Summer Student Internship Opportunity and NOAA Experiential Research and Training Opportunities
  • GRTSP – Graduate Research Training Scholarship Program
  • CoRP Early Career Summer Program (with NESDIS CIs)
  • JPSS Spark
  • Other Summer Internship Opportunities (NASA/JPL, GISS, GSFC; NSF; EPA; USACE; USGS; USDA; private 

Post Doctoral Plan 

CREST has created a Postdoctoral program with a minimum of two postdoctoral positions. These postdocs will work with senior scientists on CREST related projects and will participate in both research and educational components of CREST programs. In addition, they will work in collaboration with NOAA  and CREST Scientists to conduct research that addresses NOAA’s mission in the area of satellite remote sensing. The selected postdocs will work with various CSC and NOAA laboratories across the country and will attend all CREST related meetings and workshops to explore connections across various NOAA disciplines

Past Post Doc includes

For Dr. Daniel Comarazamy, click here for the Postdoctoral Plan (PDF).
For Dr. Soe Hliang, click here for the Postdoctoral Plan (PDF). 

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