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CREST Students setting up HyperSAS on LISCO Platform

Posted on December 17, 2015

CREST Students setting up HyperSAS on LISCO Platform

CREST Students settings up HyperSAS on LISCO 

On a recent trip to the LISCO Platform in Long Island Sound, CREST Students : Carlos Carrizo, Robert Foster and Ahmed El-Habashi helped in the installation of  a new HyperSAS instrument. 

HyperSAS  is an optical remote sensing instrument that provides high precision hyperspectral measurements of water-leaving spectral radiance. This instrument will be used as part of satellite data validation. 

We performed several tasks together such as assembly and testing of equipment and calibration of instruments in preparation for NOAA VIIRS Cal/Val cruise 2015. My tasks include set up, maintain and fix CCNY HyperSAS, program, monitor and back up the data of a PAR sensor, deploy underwater HyperPro with Mike and Eric from NOAA, as well as Scott Freeman (NASA) and Nick T. from OSU and some in situ water filtering. - Carlos Carrizo

Carlos , Robert and Ahmed are members of a team working in the Optical Remote Sensing Lab at the NOAA CREST Center at the City College of New York.   Their effort  is part of broad community of interdisciplinary scientists that study the interaction of light with the ocean and its constituents. This is accomplished with remotely-sensed data, received from operational and research satellites, observing platforms and in site data. 

Carlos Carrizo, Robert Foster and Ahmed El-habashi are also currently working on their Ph.d under the mentorship of Dr. Sam Ahmed and Dr. Alex Gilerson. 

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