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CREST Students win hollings Scholarship 2011

Posted on September 24, 2011

Nadia Makara, a sophomore from Earth Systems Science and Environmental Engineering, received the Hollings 

Scholarship Award and will officially begin from fall 2011. She is currently working on a Coastal Remote
Sensing project with Drs. Alex Gilerson and Samir Ahmed. Her major areas of research interest are Water
resources/quality, marine life/underwater research.

Crae Sosa, another bright scholar of NOAA-CREST and a Chemical Engineering major from the City College of
the City University of New York, also received the Scholarship award this year. He is currently working on
the LIDAR project under the guidance of Professor Barry Gross, Associate Professor of EE and CREST faculty
member. Crae as always been motivated and interested in reresearch areas that include – Satellites and
Remote Sensing; Atmospheric Composition;Neural Network Computer Programming;Renewable Energy and
Environmental Science.

Phillip Kim, an Electrical Engineering major from the City College of New York earned his Hollings
Scholarship in 2010. His major areas of research interest are Signal/ Image Processing. Phillip is
ambitious on interning with NOAA Commissioned Corps. He will be mentored by Commander John Adler (NOAA
CORP) and Mr. Douglas A. Perry, NOAA Office of Marine and Aviation Operations (OMAO).

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