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NOAA Deputy Administrator, VADM Brown Inspires the Next Generation STEM Professionals

Posted on April 28, 2016

NOAA Deputy Administrator, VADM Brown Inspires the Next Generation STEM Professionals

Assistant Secretary for Commerce for Environmental Observation and Prediction VADM Brown Inspires the Next Generation STEM Professionals at the NOAA CREST Annual Day Event

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CREST Day serves as a major on-campus recruitment and outreach event annually to allow students, mostly from underrepresented minority communities to learn about CUNY,CCNY and NOAA CREST. The goal is to encourage students to pursue studies and engage in hands-on research and experiential learning opportunities at NOAA CREST -which is geared toward NOAA mission related STEM fields.

The students interacted one-on-one with scientists and researchers to learn how they can forge their own career paths in STEM. The highlight of the event was a keynote speech and Q&A session. ice Admiral Brown.

The student participants actively engaged in hands-on educational games and activities that help them understand Earth’s Environment and Remote Sensing Technologies through fun activities such as Satellite identification contest. Students were divided into teams to try to identify features in images seen from space. Another activity that inspired the student was the weather forecasting activity, that guiding students through making their own forecast of wind, temperature and rain based on weather maps of the previous 48 hours. These activities helped students better understand the sciences that support weather forecasting and severe weather events that they experience on a daily basis. Students are also encouraged to pursue college careers at CCNY and consider joining CREST/CCNY.

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