Research Publications

2011 CREST Research Publications

Theme 1: Climate, Theme 2: Weather and Atmosphere, Theme 3: Land Processes and Water Resources, Theme 4: Coastal and Ocean Waters

Theme 1: Climate

  1. Azarderakhsh, M., W. B. Rossow, F. Papa, H. Norouzi, and R. Khanbilvardi, (2011) Diagnosing water variations within the Amazon basin using satellite data, J. Geophys. Res., 116, D24107.
  2. Brender, J., Maantay, J.A., Chakraborty, J., (2011). Residential Proximity to Environmental Hazards and Adverse Health Outcomes American Journal of Public Health, Supplement 1, Vol. 101 p: S37-S52.
  3. Ferraro, R., H. Meng, and Z. J. Luo, (2011) Using satellite microwave sensors to develop climate data records, 9Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union Vol.92 p: 268.
  4. Frappart, F., F. Papa, A. Guntner, S. Werth, J. Santos da Silva, J. Tomasella, F. Seyler, C. Prigent, W. B.
Rossow, S. Calmant and M‐P. Bonnet, (2011) Satellite‐based estimates of groundwater storage variations in large drainage basins with extensive floodplains. Remote Sensing Environ, Vol.115, p: 1588‐
  5. Haynes, J.M., C. Jakob, W.B. Rossow, G. Tselioudis and J. Brown, (2011) Major characteristics of southern ocean cloud regimes and their effects on the energy budget. J. Climate, Vol.24, p: 5061‐5080.
  6. Jimenez, C., C. Prigent, B. Mueller, S.I. Seneviratne, M.F. McCabe, E.F. Wood, W.B. Rossow, G.
Balsamo, A.K. Betts, P.A. Dirmeyer, J.B. Fisher, M. Jung, M. Kanamitsu, R.H. Reichle, M. Reichstein,
M. Rodell, J. Sheffield, K. Tu and K. Wang, (2011) Global inter‐comparison of 12 land surface flux estimates, Journal of Geophysical Research: Vol.116 p: 1‐27.
  7. Luo, Y., R. Zhang, W. Qian, Z. Luo, X. Hu, (2011) Inter‐comparison of deep convection over the Tibetan Plateau‐Asian Monsoon Region and subtropical North America in boreal summer using Cloud Sat/CALIPSO data, J. Climate, Vol.24, p: 2165‐2177.
  8. Maantay, J.A., and Chakraborty, J., (2011) Disproportionate Proximity to Environmental Health Hazards: Methods, Models, and Measurement. American Journal of Public Health,
Supplement 1, Vol. 101 p: S27-S36
  9. Mekonnen, A., and W.B. Rossow, (2011) The interaction between deep convection and easterly waves tropical North Africa: A weather state perspective. J. Climate, Vol.24, p: 4276‐4294.
  10. Stramler, K., A.D. Del Genio and W.B. Rossow, (2011) Synoptically driven Arctic winter states. J. Climate, Vol.24, p: 1747‐1762.
  11. Teixeira, J., S. Cardoso, M. Bonazzola, J. Cole, A. Del Genio, C. DeMott, C. Franklin, C. Hannay, C.
Jakob, Y. Jiao, J. Karlsson, H. Kitagawa, M. Koehler, A. Kuwano‐Yoshida, C. LeDrian, A. Lock, M.J.
Miller, P. Marquet, J. Martins, C.R. Mechoso, E.V. Meijgaard, I. Meinke, P.M.A. Miranda, D. Mironov,
R. Neggers, H.L. Pan, D.A. Randall, P.J. Rasch, B. Rockel, W.B. Rossow, B. Ritter, A.P. Siebesma, P.
Soares, F.J. Turk, P. Vaillancourt, A. Von Engeln, M. Zhao, (2011) Tropical and sub‐tropical cloud transitions in weather and climate prediction models: The GCSS/WGNE Pacific Cross‐section Intercomparison. J. Climate, Vol.24, p: 5223‐5256.
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  14. Romanski, J., and W.B. Rossow, (2011) Generation of available potential energy and climate sensitivity in IPCC models. American Geophysical Union.
  15. Romanski, J., and W.B. Rossow, (2011) Individual atmospheric diabatic heating components and their contribution to the generation of available potential energy. J. Climate, Vol.26, p: 4244-4263.
  16. Chakraborty, J., and J.A Maantay, (2011). Proximity Analysis for Exposure Assessment in Environmental Health Justice Research. Geospatial Analysis for Environmental Health, Vol.4, p: 111-138.
  17. Chakraborty, J., and Maantay, J.A., (2011) Proximity Analysis Methods for Exposure Assessment in Environmental Health Justice Research, Geospatial Analysis of Environmental Health. Vol.4, p: 111-138.
  18. Comarazamy, D.E. and J. E. González (2011), Regional Long-Term Climate Change (1950-2000) in the Mid Tropical Atlantic and its Impacts on the Hydrological Cycle of Puerto Rico, Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres. Vol.116.
  19. Comarazamy, D.E. and J. E. González. (2011) Long-Term Climate Impacts on the Hydrological Cycle of Northeastern Puerto Rico due to the Combined Effects of LCLU and Global Climate Changes, 91st AMS Annual Meeting, p: 23 – 27.
  20. Gladkova. I, M. Grossberg, G. Bonev, F. Shahriar, (2011) A Multi-band statistical restoration of the Aqua MODIS 1.6 micron band, (accepted, to appear in Proceedings of the SPIE, Algorithms and Technologies for Multispectral, Hyperspectral, and Ultraspectral Imagery).
  21. González, J.E., R. Gonzalez, D.R. Brito, and D.E. Comarazamy. (2011) Impacts of regional climate changes on the hydrometeorology of La Hispaniola: The Enriquillo & Sumatra Lakes water basin, 91st AMS Annual Meeting, p: 23 – 27.
  22. Grossberg. M, F. Shahriar, I. Gladkova, P. Alabi, D. Hilger, (2011). Estimating True Color imagery for GOES-R , (accepted, to appear in Proceedings of the SPIE, Algorithms and Technologies for Multispectral, Hyperspectral, and Ultraspectral Imagery)
  23. Gutiérrez, E.J., J.E. González, R.D. Bornstein, M. Arend, and A. Martilli. (2011) Numerical Simulations of a Summer 2010 Heat Wave in New York City using WRF's Building Energy Parameterization, 91st AMS Annual Meeting, p: 23 – 27.
  24. Maroko, A.R., Maantay, J.A., and Grady, K. (2011) Using Data Visualization and Geostatistics to Explore Respiratory Disease and Environmental Health Justice in New York City, Geospatial Analysis of Environmental Health, Vol. 4, p: 39-66.
  25. Oreopoulos, L., and W.B. Rossow, (2011) The cloud radiative effect of ISCCP weather states. J. Geophys. Res. Vol.113.
  26. Ramirez-Beltran, N.D., Castro, J.M., and Julca, O. (2011) Detecting a Global and Caribbean Climate Change. Climate Change - Geophysical Foundations and Ecological Effects In Tech, ISBN: 978-953-307-419-1, edited by Juan Blanco and Houshang Kheradmand.

Theme 2: Weather and Atmosphere

  1. Chuen‐Meei, Gan, Y. Wu, B. Gross, F. Moshary, S. Ahmed (2011) “Application of Active Optical Sensors to Probe the Vertical Structure of the Urban Boundary Layer to Assess Anomalies in Air Quality Model PM2.5 Forecasts”, Atmospheric Environment Vol.45, p: 6613‐6621.
  2. Delgado, R., J. T. Fentzke, J. S. Friedman, S. Raizada, C. A. Tepley, Q. Zhou (2011).“Sporadic metal atom and ion layers and their connection to chemistry and temperature structure in the mesopause region at Arecibo”, J. Atmos. Solar. Terr. Phys., Vol.74, p: 11–23.
  3. Zhou, Daniel K. Larar, Allen M., Liu, Xu, S. William L., Strow, L. Larrabee, Y. Ping, S. 
Peter, and C. Xavier. (2011) “Global land surface emissivity retrieved from satellite ultraspectral IR measurements”. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, Volume 49, 
pages 1277‐1290.
  4. Rommel C. Zulueta, Walter C. Oechel, Henry W. Loescher,, William T. Lawrence, Kyaw Tha Paw U (2011).Aircraft-derived Regional Scale CO2 Fluxes from Vegetated Drained Thaw Lake Basins and Interstitial Tundra on the Arctic Coastal Plain of Alaska" Global Change Biology. Vol.17, p: 2781–2802.

Theme 3: Water Resources and Land Processes

  1. Allan S. Arnesena, Thiago S. F. Silvaa, Laura L. Hess, Evlyn M. L. M. Novoa, Bruce D. Chapmanc, and
Kyle C. McDonald, Monitoring flood extent in the Amazon River floodplain using ALOS/PALSAR ScanSAR images, Remote Sensing of Environment. Vol.130, pages 51-61.
  2. Chaouch. N, M. Temimi, S. Hagen, J. Weishampel and R. Khanbilvardi. (2011) A synergetic use of satellite imagery from SAR and optical sensors to improve coastal flood mapping in the Gulf of Mexico.Hydrological Processes. p: 1-12.
  3. Ghedira H., Arevalo J.C., Lakhankar T., Khanbilvardi R. and R. Blake (2011) Snow Cover Mapping Using Satellite Remote Sensing Data, International Journal of Remote Sensing Applications, Vol.1
 p: 37‐42.
  4. Nir Krakauer, and M. Temimi, (2011) Stream recession curves and storage variability in small watersheds. Hydrology and Earth System Science. Vol.15, p: 2377–2389, 2011.
  5. Norouzi, H., M. Temimi, W. Rossow, B. Pearl, C. Azarderakhsh, M. and R. Khanbilvardi, (2011) The sensitivity of land emissivity estimates from AMSR‐E at C and X bands to surface properties, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. Vol.15, p: 3577‐3589.
  6. Notarnicola. C, L. Caporaso, F. D Giuseppe, M. Temimi, B. Ventura, M. Zebisch. (2011) Inferring Soil moisture variability in the Mediterrean Sea area using infrared and passive microwave observations.Canadian Journal of remote Sensing. Vol.38, p: 46-59.
  7. Temimi. M, T. Lacava, T. Lakhankar, T. Valerio, H, Ghedira, R. Reza Khanbilvardi. (2011). A multi‐temporal analysis of AMSR‐E data for flood and discharge monitoring during the 2008 flood in Iowa. Hydrological Processes. Hydrological Processes. Vol.25, p: 2623–
  8. Tesfagiorgis, K., S.E. Mahani, N. Krakauer, and R. Khanbilvardi; (2011) “Bias Adjustment of Satellite Precipitation Estimates using a Radar‐Gauge Product”;.
 Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. Vol.7, p: 8913-8945.
  9. Mahani, S. E., N. Nourozi, R. Khanbilvardi, R. J. Kuligowski, and K. Hsu; (2011) “Evaluation of Remotely-Sensed Rainfall algorithms for Strong Hurricanes”; Remote Sensing Journal; Vol.32, p: 335–356.
  10. Porch, T., V. H. Ramirez Builes, E. W. Harmsen, (2011). Genotypic differences in water use efficiency of common bean under drought stress. Agronomy Journal. Vol. 103, p: 1206-1215.
  11. Catherinot, J., C. Prigent, R. Mauer, F. Papa, C. Jimenez, F. Aires, and W.B. Rossow (2011). Evaluation of "all weather" microwave-derived land surface temperatures with in situ CEOP measurements. J. Geophys. Res., 116, D23105, (1-11).

Theme 4: Coastal and Ocean Waters

  1. Harmel T., A. Gilerson, S. Hlaing, A. Tonizzo, T. Legbandt, A. Weidemann, R. Arnone and S. Ahmed (2011) “Long Island Sound Coastal Observatory: Assessment of Above‐water Reflectance Measurement Uncertainties Using Collocated Multi and Hyper‐spectral Radiometers, Applied Optics, Vol.50, pages 5842‐

Book Chapter:

  1. Robert B. Waide, Moises Angeles, Jorge E. Gonzalez, Charles A.S. Hall, Ariel Lugo, David J. Murphy, Jorge R. Ortiz-Zayas, and Nazario D. Ramirez. Factors Influencing the Changing Climate of Luquillo Mountains, Puerto Rico. Ecological Gradient Analyses in a Tropical Ecosystem. Submitted on Feb 15, 2011 to Ecological Bulletins, a Swedish Press. This is a book chapter was also accepted and it is expected to be published during 2011
  2. Maantay, J.A., and Becker, S., 2012. The Health Impacts of Global Climate Change: A
Geographic Perspective, Journal of Applied Geography, Vol. 33: 1-4.
  3. Maantay, J.A., and McLafferty, S., eds., 2011. Geospatial Analysis for Environmental Health, volume in series “Geotechnologies and the Environment” Springer-Verlag.
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