Remote Sensing of Land and Hydrology Group

The interests of this research group are in the analysis of the transfer of water and energy between the land surface and the lower atmosphere through the modeling of the hydrological and meteorological processes. We monitor these processes using satellite imagery and we utilize appropriate models to predict their evolution.


  • Flood monitoring, forecasting and river hydraulics
  • Soil moisture retrieval
  • Snow pack characterization
  • Precipitation mapping, nowcasting and forecasting
  • Drought monitoring
  • Sea, river and lake ice mapping and detection
  • Use of GIS tools for improved visualization of remote sensing products
  • Coupling coastal hydrodynamic models with hydrologic/hydraulic models.


  1. Contribute to providing accurate and more valuable information on weather and water processes
  2. Help to improve hydrometeorological related decisions
  3. Develop and maintain operational routines and products and work on their implementation in NOAA’s offices.
  4. Use of ground based observations facilities at NOAA-CREST to improve fundamental models used in water and weather related studies.


  • Kyle McDonald
  • Reza Khanbilvardi
  • Marouane Temimi (Coordinator)
  • Shayesteh Mahani
  • Marco Tedesco
  • Tarendra Lakhankar
  • Brian Vant Hull
  • Nir Krakauer
  • Naira Chaouch
  • Hansong Tang
  • Jianting Zhang
  • Peter Romanov
  • Leonid Roytman
  • Rouzbeh Nazari

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