NOAA-CREST also uses Informal training and learning modules to engage and train students in research and sciences.

  1. Authentic integration of Research into Curriculum (ESE capstone designed project model )
  2. Other UG models (Leveraged by NSF – REU, CURE; Hollings/USP, internships)
  3. ESES Summer to bridge model (leveraged by DOEd)

Crest Undergraduate Research Experience [CURE]

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CURE is a 8‐week paid summer internship for undergraduates. it includes

  • Research opportunities in Earth System Science and Engineering using Observations from NOAA satellites and Ground‐based Measurements, with a goal of understanding & predicting changes in our Earth’s Environment.
  • Site visits and Experiential learning opportunities
  • Workshops in Remote Sensing, GIS and MATLAB
  • Academic Year NOAA‐CREST fellowship opportunities for eligible students
  • Training opportunities for Sophomores to apply for NOAA Undergraduate Scholarship Program

Research Experience for Undergraduate [REU] program

The REU program is a NSF funded grant. This program aims to increase participation of undergraduate students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) research by traditionally underrepresented groups. It further aims to promote research careers, to establish a community of scholars, and to provide students with an opportunity to pursue masters and doctoral graduate programs in STEM.

The program runs 15 weeks, 9 weeks in the summer, 3 in the fall and 3 in the spring. Ten undergraduate students are selected every year to participate in the CREST-REU program.

The mission of the REU program is:

  • To provide undergraduate students an opportunity to conduct full-time collaborative research with a faculty mentor.
  • To inspire enthusiasm for satellite and ground-based remote sensing through a weekly seminar series given by a NOAA CREST faculty.
  • To encourage enrollment in graduate school through extensive student-faculty and student-student interaction and communication.
  • To improve student communication skills through oral and written presentations of their research findings.

The CREST-REU interns had an enriching summer experience and gained hands-on experience working with CREST mentors in all four thrust CREST areas. So far 26 students have benefited from the REU program since its inception in 2008. 5 of those students are continuing their higher studies as CREST graduate students.

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