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The NOAA-CREST weather camp is a two week program for high school students from the New York City metropolitan area. It runs during the second half of July, and is offered free of charge to 10-15 students selected via an application process. This is a fairly new program, so if interested don't hesitate to contact the camp director (listed below) to request an application: your chances are better than you think!

The first week is a day camp on the campus of the City College of New York. Concepts of meteorology are demonstrated by hands-on activities whenever possible, and applied to weather observations both locally and around the country. Experts on such topics as severe storms and climate will speak and answer questions.

During the second week the camp moves to Long Island to be near the local National Weather Service (NWS) office located on the campus of Brookhaven National Laboratories. We will camp within walking distance of a beach on the north shore of Long Island, and each morning will go to the (NWS) for in depth study of weather phenomena, with the afternoons devoted to field observations of the sea breeze effect, the urban heat island, the surface environment and clouds. There are opportunities to go inside the radar dome, or to help launch weather balloons.

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Since its inception in 2001, NOAA‐CREST has been observing the CREST Annual Day at the beginning of the spring each year. About 100 to 200 High School Students with STEM background and their science teachers from various NY Public Schools are invited to this open house event held at the Grove School of Engineering, The City College of New York each year. A number of science talks mostly pertaining to the Environmental and Earth Sciences with Remote Sensing Science & Engineering applications are delivered to these young audiences. Most of the guest speakers are invited from NOAA and Industries like Northrop Grumman and Raytheon. The talks are tuned in such manner and an interest in these sciences and its importance as part of their future career are inculcated in these young minds. An interactive poster sessions; CREST information & recruitment booth and tours to the entire CREST facilities are other important features of this event. This event also serves as a good recruitment vehicle for CREST, where most of these students learn about the scholarships and internships opportunities and come back as summer intern or soon as they graduate from school.

National Ocean Science Bowl

The National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB®) is a program that prepares the next generation of marine scientists, policy makers, teachers, explorers, researchers, technicians, environmental advocates, and informed citizens to accept the challenge of exploration and develop strategies for managing the oceans' resources. The Consortium for Ocean Leadership, representing leading oceanographic institutions universities and aquaria, manages a national academic competition for high schools on topics related to the study of the oceans ‐‐ the National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB®).

The NOSB is a nationally recognized and highly acclaimed high school academic competition that provides a forum for talented students to test their knowledge of the marine sciences including biology, chemistry, physics, and geology. The NOSB was created in 1998 in honor of the International Year of the Ocean and since its inception; the competition has grown to include 25 regional competition locations 25 with 300 schools and over 2,000 students participating annually. The Competition is intended to increase knowledge of the Oceans on the part of high school students, their teachers and parents, as well as to raise the visibility and public understanding of the national investment in ocean‐related research. The NOSB mission is to enrich science teaching and learning across the United States through a high‐profile national competition that increases high school students' knowledge of the oceans and enhances public understanding and stewardship of the oceans. NOAA‐CREST recruits 10 HS students from Bronx High School of Sciences each year since 2003 along with their science teachers to be trained in the Oceanic Sciences and prepare for the Regional Ocean Bowl Competition. Prior to the competition, the students are also exposed to internal scrimmages between other High School Students like Gompers; St. Ann’s and others. The students gain a lot of experience and subject expertise that inculcates an interest in the NOAA sciences and helps them decide to pursue their studies to be future CREST fellows and NOAA Scientists.

High School Initiative in Remote Sensing of the Earth Systems (HIRES)

HIRES is the High School Initiative in Remote Sensing of the Earth Systems Science and Technology. HIRES is a program within the CREST CUNY Institute which offers high school students an opportunity to work closely with scientists in the field and in labs, collect and analyze data, present at conferences, and more! It’s aim is to provide NYC high school student research experience especially in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). IMG_0205

We leverage our connections and resources to increase student recruitment, share experiences and expertise, and identify specific opportunities, challenges, and strategies for effectively supporting students in developing science research skills and competencies. We also jointly develop and implement a set of experiences to support students in developing a shared community and college and career readiness.

HIRES is part of the Consortium of the Science Research Mentoring Programs (studentresearchnyc.org) funded by the Pinkerton Foundation, In the Consortium’s first year, more than 150 high students from 68 high schools mentors worked with nearly 80 faculty, post-doctoral and graduate student on authentic research projects across 20 disciplines. In its second year, our programs will serve a greater number of students in additional program locations, engaging new mentors and increasing the Consortium’s ability to impact STEM interested students in New York City.

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