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Joshua Hrisko

Joshua Hrisko


Ph: (646)-285-6808


New York, NY 10024

I investigate heat transport in urban areas to better understand the influence of heterogeneous landcover in cities to contrast with traditional homogeneous landcover analysis methods for calculation of atmospheric turbulence. My research focuses on the breakdown of theories that rely on homogeneity (Monin-Obukhov similarity theory) so that I can formulate new theories that permit accurate modeling of the complex transport of heat in cities. I have installed and used remote sensing instruments such as sonic anemometers to determine urban heat fluxes, and I plan to use that data to formulate and develop new parameterizations for modeling and understanding the turbulent transport of energy in urban environments. My research is essential for predicting the impact of anthropological and solar energies on our planet, which will help scientists monitor negative trends in the earth’s environment such as global warming. My research is relevant to NOAA-CREST due to its direct inclusion of remote sensing and urban meteorology, and a focus on the urban boundary layer and the desire to bridge new findings with traditional theories. I plan to publish several papers on the topic of urban meteorology and atmospheric turbulence in journal such as Boundary Layer Meteorology, Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Journal of Applied Meteorology, and the Journal of Atmospheric Sciences.

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