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Maria Tzortziou Ph.D.

Maria Tzortziou Ph.D.

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Associate Professor
Ph: 301-614-6048
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Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and NOAA CREST Institute

The City College of NY

Marshak Building, MR #931

Land - Ocean - Atmosphere Interactions Lab, MR #901

Research in the Tzortziou Land-Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions Lab focuses on understanding and quantifying atmosphere-land-ocean biogeochemical exchanges across temporal and spatial scales, and assessing impacts of environmental change on coastal ecosystem processes, functioning, and services. Our research addresses the direct and indirect impacts of increasing coastal urbanization, anthropogenic air pollution, sea level rise, nutrient enrichment, and changes in the frequency and severity of weather and climate extremes.

Research in our lab includes development of new ground-based and shipboard remote-sensing sensors with advanced capabilities, development of enhanced satellite bio-optical retrievals, and integration of rigorous observational approaches with sophisticated high-resolution air-quality modeling and novel coupled hydrodynamic - photochemical - biogeochemical models optimized for complex coastal systems. Partnering with relevant stakeholders, key objective is incorporating advanced remote sensing and modeling tools into enhanced decision support systems for predicting potential responses of coastal ecosystems to future pressures and assessing the services these ecosystems may provide in a changing climate

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